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At Confluence Wealth Management, our mission is not to be the largest firm but rather to provide excellent advice in the best interest of our clients. We are experienced wealth professionals who guide you as you define a vision for your family and business. We work with you to create a wealth plan that is tangible, actionable, dynamic and successful in its goals.

Tax Planning

Taxes matter. We will work with you and your tax professional to create a tax-efficient plan, with a goal to reduce income and estate taxes where appropriate while mitigating taxes going forward for your family business and legacy.

Dynamic Wealth Planning

Planning matters. A wealth plan should be nimble enough to change as you experience life events that affect how you want to protect and share your wealth. Our advice goes far beyond basic investment and insurance advice by looking at your goals comprehensively and using creative and proven methods to accomplish them.

Fact-Based Investment Planning

We help you create and maintain wealth through a fact-based investment approach that is rooted in diversification, low investment costs, tax efficiency and minimizing the risk of underperforming the global markets.

Estate Planning

We will work with you and your legal professional to help minimize taxes and maximize your potential wealth transfer. We aim to ensure that your wishes are carried out in the most tax-efficient manner possible while protecting assets from creditors.

Insurance Planning

We seek to objectively help evaluate your risk management program. Where we see gaps, we will sit on your side of the table and leverage highly experienced insurance consultants to bring you solutions that fit the needs of your family and business.

Advice-Only Planning

We recognize the changing nature of wealth management. Some clients prefer to manage their own investments or have a special situation for which they need advice. We meet you where you are and will create a consulting engagement that works for you.

The MPS advisor does not provide all services listed. Some services are provided by affiliates and are subject to additional fees. 

Certain MPS representatives are licensed insurance agents and are compensated for the sale of insurance-related products through an affiliated insurance agency.

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